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With all the features Payperwork offers, it’s hard to believe that its also a serious accounting program…

But it is! There is no need here to go off purchasing a separate accounting program like you do with all the other service industry software. All Ledgers are automatically updated whenever you save or change a transaction. No special “end of month’ routines or “batch processing” are needed. It is also flexible. The system can be used to its fullest capacity or simply as a cashbook. Read On…..

  • Debtors Ledger records all invoices raised and money received and how much is still owed.

  • Creditors Ledger keeps track of all the monies you owe your suppliers and other creditors.

  • Stock Ledger that can be used as full inventory or as non-inventory if you just want to maintain your own prices.

  • General Ledger that gives you instant access to your Profit & Loss.

  • Budgets that can be based on the previous years figures or customised completely.


  • Clear reports make it easier to control outstanding debtors

  • GST can be based on the cash or accruals system and has a unique locking of Lodged transactions feature that prevents you from making mistakes.**



Payperwork is easy for your clients to use. They have the advantages of easy quote management with Pricing and cost margins, job management, job scheduling, quoting, and contract management that will help them control their variations and retentions.

  • The general ledger is fully integrated. They do not need to link into other accounting programs. We have checks and balances to prevent them from putting the General Ledger out of balance.

  • The reporting is comprehensive with a full activity list that will give you details of all the transactions that your customer has put to each general ledger account.

  • Our support staff encourages the users to perform full bank reconciliations regularly and advises them on the reports that are required by you. These can be printed or emailed to you at any time.

  • You are welcome to install Payperwork onto your own system and restore your customers information. You can use this to check the figures. If you make any changes you can return the data to the customer to restore. If this data is from a previous year and your customer has entered more information into the new or following year(s), there is an update opening balances function that will update the balances that are brought forward to each year. This ensures that your customer loses no information in subsequent years.

  • There is no charge for you to load Payperwork onto your system. The license to use Payperwork is stored in the user’s data and is brought over when you restore. The users pay an annual program maintenance and support subscription under which assistance can be given to you in relation to installing the program, restoring and accessing data, program functionality and information on updating the opening balances.

** Payperwork Pty. Ltd does not guarantee that you are entering your business information correctly; therefore, we do not guarantee that you are meeting your taxation commitments, only that the program meets taxation guidelines.

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