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Your invoices never looked so good! Using your own logo and setting the options that best suit you, you can show your customers as much (or as little) detail as you like.

With accurate Pricing, profit displayed on the screen and all your general ledger taken care of automatically (including GST) how can you go wrong?

  • Copy from template or previous invoice (or quote) and save time typing!

  • Unlimited text with spell checker for full scope of work details.

  • One click conversion from the quote.

  • Multiple Pricing methods.

    - Itemised using your own items.
    - Itemised using your wholesalers price list.
    - You can make up and use unit rate items.
    - Or you can enter a simple single value.

  • Easy to post the employee hours directly from the scheduler to the invoice.

  • Accurate costing showing profit margins in $ and %.

  • Record your compliance or plumbing certificates.

  • Record the details of the customers equipment or appliance being serviced and when next service is due.

  • Sub-Totals. You can keep the itemised prices and send the customer the invoice just showing the sub-totals.

  • You can even completely re-type the invoice.

  • Flexible printing options.

  • Email or Fax directly from the program.

  • Review and Modify up until the invoice has been marked as paid.

  • Reprint at any time.


  • Professional informative invoice. You can tell your customer the full details of the work carried out.

  • Flexible invoicing methods that are easy to use. Our “Getting Started Guide” will have you producing invoices from Day one.

  • Always know how much profit is in the job.

  • Full service history of customers equipment or appliances

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