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There are programs that you have probably come across, either on the web or through a salesman, where after the initial hefty price that you pay for the program - they will charge you $1200 a day (Plus GST, Plus Travel, Plus Accommodation) to teach you how to use it! They will THEN go on to recommend that you have at least 3 days (maybe 5 days) of that training. Oouch!!  That’s not good is it? Line everyone up, cancel all your jobs, leave your customer sites to fend for themselves for the week ‘cos you have paid up front to have all your staff trained at once! It’s either that or book another time and pay all over again!

Besides that: Do you really want to buy a software program that is so difficult to use that you need lots of training?

Payperwork comes with its own “Getting Started Guide” that gives you click by click instructions on the very basics of the program. Most of our customers are able to accustom themselves to the program in stages.

The initial purchase of the program comes with the first 12 months telephone support for the Payperwork program which is unlimited!


Payperwork is continually evolving and developing to meet our customers needs. The annual support fee also covers program maintenance so you get access to any changes for no extra cost.

While everyone is different, a high proportion of our customers

have found that by using our “Getting Started Guide”,

together with telephone support, they are

understanding and operating Payperwork in no

time!  Payperwork is so easy and intuitive that

the old excuse “I’m just a plumber” just doesn’t

cut it anymore!  Our customers can then

progressively use the more advanced

sections of the program with the help of

telephone support and training seminars that are

held in major capital cities.

If you feel that you do require “one-on-one” training, we can arrange

to do this over the phone and internet. This is arranged by appointment,

in increments of 1 hour at a low hourly rate.

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