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It’s 10.30 at night and you need the latest prices for a quote that is due in first thing in the morning and you have to be on site by 7am tomorrow. Copper prices have been sky rocketing lately!!. You can look up catalogues. (Out of date!). You can search through old supplier invoices (I bet the price has gone up since then!). You might be able to log into your suppliers web site and look up your prices. (Internet is down; little Johnny is using the computer with the internet to finish an assignment that was due last Monday! Then again you could risk it and make an educated guess!!

Why not have all the latest prices right inside your Payperwork program. Prices that you can keep up to date regularly and customise to your own requirements.

Compatible Price Lists**
  • L & H incorporating the Auslec Price List

  • MMEM Pricelist incorporating

    • AWM Pricelist

    • Haymans Price List

    • TLE Price List

    • D & W Price List

  • Reece Plumbing Supplies

  • Tradelink

  • Prices are updated electronically.

  • Prices include the trade prices as well as your cost price.

  • Set your own markup % to calculate your billing price.

  • Price List items can be added straight into quotes, orders, jobs, invoices, contracts and purchases.

  • Price List items can be used as components of unit rate items.


  • Always have the latest supplier prices on hand when quoting or invoicing.

  • Maintain and adjust your profit margin easily using up to date prices and markups.

  • Check your suppliers’ invoices to make sure you are being charged the right prices, especially when you are purchasing away from your home branch.

  • Order materials using your suppliers own codes and avoid confusion.

** Price List data is not supplied by Payperwork Pty Ltd. Price Lists are available upon application and approval from your relevant supplier.

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