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At last a day in the office! I need some money. Better do some invoices. This will be a good one to start with. Now let me think! What hours were worked on that job? – Oh I know, I will check my diary. Not there! Now what day did that get done? Tuesday? No it must have been Wednesday! I will go through the boys job cards. Damn! – I am missing Mark’s card for last week. Call Mark on his mobile. No answer! OK, I will start the invoice anyway, he might call back soon. Now, where are all the supplier invoices? Is this all the materials we used? Can’t find the invoice for the switch boards anywhere. Lisa must have filed it yesterday (Too efficient – if only she could do the invoices as well). How much did it cost? Jason calls and needs someone to help him pull that cable now. The apprentice didn’t turn up. I forgot he is at trade school today and it turns out now that Mark was double booked again and Jan Hyphen Jones is complaining that he is late. I have to swing past the supplier to pick up those extra materials that Mark forgot. Cancel the invoice. I will try to remember that I still need to do that later. There goes my day in the office. How frustrating!

Sound familiar? Payperwork is here to help!

  • Create Job Cards with details and scope of work and materials required for technicians to take on site.

  • Equipment or appliance details included on the job card with optional separate service history.

  • Job can be dropped directly into the job scheduler.

  • SMS the job address and details directly to the technicians mobile phone.

  • Report unfinished jobs.

  • Add labour and materials progressively each day.

  • Allocate materials to the jobs from supplier invoices while entering the purchase.

  • One click to change the job to an invoice.

  • Flexible printing options.

  • Keep tabs on all unfinished jobs. The job stays in the computer until it has been completed and turned into an invoice.

  • Informative job card helps technicians prepare for the job.

  • Use the scheduler to avoid double booking jobs.

  • Allocating all materials from purchases to the jobs ensures that anything you have paid for has been charged out.

  • Posting hours from the scheduler ensures you charge out all hours.

  • Dating the labour on the job minimises customer queries.

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